Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Announcing eXe v1.03, developed entirely under CORE Education's support.

You asked for it at ULearn, and you asked for it in the forum.  Internal linking across your content is now possible for eXe web exports!

When editing any rich-text field, you will now find an anchor button just above the text-link and unlink buttons (the chain and broken chain, respectively), allowing you to insert an HTML anchor directly into your content.  Once processed (by clicking on the rich-text field's green checkmark), the anchor will be available as an internal linking destination: simply highlight some text where you would like the new link to exist, click on the text-link button, select the anchor from the text-link's Anchors drop-down list, and Insert the new internal link, easy as that! 

Although you will not be able to use the links while authoring your content within eXe itself, the internal links will become available upon web export to Single Page or Web Site: Self Contained Folder / Zip (internal links will be disabled in all other exports).  More tips and caveats may be found posted in the eXe forum at: http://eduforge.org/forum/forum.php?thread_id=2048&forum_id=298

Also new to eXe v1.03 is the ability to create content about HTML itself!  You won't see any fancy new buttons for this, but you will find that any example HTML code snippets that you type into the rich-text field will remain within your content:

For more information on this release, you may see the release notes at: http://eXeLearning.org/Release_Notes

The eXe team would like to thank CORE Education for their continued support, and you, the eXe community, for your continued participation.


eujenio de la garcia said...

Hey, guys.
thanks a lot for this tool. I have been sifting through a lot of e-learning tools and there was always something i needed but was not included in the package.
Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Hello, i've downloaded lastest version but russian localisation doesnt have mo-file and have very old po-file. please update your distributives with language files from here: postpersonality.ru/exelearning_lang_ru.zip

thank you : )