Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Interview with Wayne Mackintosh

Wayne Mackintosh has been interviewed by the Penn State World Campus blog Terra Incognita. Penn State World Campus delivers more than 50 distance education programs to learners around the world, and has been delivering distance education programs for over a century.

Wayne's original vision with eXe was always motivated by a strong desire to provide a tool that could be used in low bandwidth communities, particularly in developing societies, and to enable teachers to author content that could be easily shared and contextualized for different cultural contexts.

As Wayne states in the interview:

"The lack of financial resources, limited infrastructure and exorbitant connectivity costs amplify the resolve of the free software and free content community working in the developing world. For example, the total cost of ownership of free software (which includes the support and maintenance costs) are lower than their non-free equivalents. The implementation of free software solutions promotes growth of local business and local income generation for support services rather than relying on expensive offshore alternatives."
Read the full article, here: Interview with upcoming presenter Wayne Mackintosh