Friday, August 10, 2007

One More Thing

There is a lot of flexibility hiding behind the link button in eXe fields. You highlight some text that will become a link, then click the link button in the toolbar and enter the destination URL (complete with http://) in the popup box. The text becomes a standard hypertext link to the destination. A rather standard feature and very convenient for linking to resources elsewhere on the web. But we'd like to show you One More Thing... eXe 0.99.

You'll notice that the link popup has a file browser icon to the right of the URL field... just like the image, media, and math popups. Use the file browser to select a file and eXe will include the file in your package so that it can be accessed by clicking the link text. This brings the flexibility to include "attachments" in any eXe field with the rich text editor. There is no longer a need to use a special Attachment iDevice. Attachment handling now parallels that of images and media. We think this consistency further improves the eXe ease of use.


James said...

Does eXe support AICC?

Josh said...

The link button on my eXe program does not can I install that plugin into the text editor?