Friday, June 08, 2007

Removing iDevices from eXe

Users can now remove unwanted iDevices from the iDevice pane of their version of eXe by modifying the exe.conf file that comes with eXe. exe.conf is a text file that is used by eXe to configure many of the settings required to run the program. On Windows it can usually be found at C:\\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Application Data\exe\exe.conf.

You can edit this file using Notepad on your system.

iDevices are specified by their English name (including spaces, if any). Setting an idevice to 0 or off will cause it not to show up in the iDevice pane. Add an [idevices] section to your exe.conf file and designate what iDevices you wish to remove by adding the name of the iDevice and either a "0" or the word "off" next to the name, like this:

Activity = 0
Case Study = off
Flash with Text = Off
Cloze Activity = On # this one would still appear

Save exe.conf and restart eXe.

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Darwin said...


Somebody can tell me where i found the exe.conf in Windows Vista.

Thanks for your answer.