Thursday, February 01, 2007

eXe 0.20 released

It has been a long couple of months since our last official release. Since not everyone is daring enough to try the nightly builds, we needed a new release to get some of the many new features and dozens of bug fixes out to the user community. We backed out one particularly invasive change and allowed a few days for testing and tweaking.

Among the new features in version 0.20:
  • added Geogebra option to the Java iDevice plugin
  • optional footer on all pages of your project
  • dramatically improved loading speed for some complex .elp packages
  • backup crash recovery scheme
  • clearer iDevice editor user interface
  • first pass at SCORM2004 export
There have also been dozens of bug fixes and work arounds added.

While we still have a few significant features on our roadmap before reaching the mythical version 1.0, we will be working hard to stabilize the application and fix outstanding issues. We will try to release more frequently so that the user community can take advantage of this (and point out things that still need work).

We welcome feedback in the Eduforge eXe forums. Or if you run into a bug, you can report it in our issue tracker. Please search to see if someone else has already reported the problem, and if so add any clarifications that you can to their "ticket" to make it easier for us to reproduce the issue. You can add new tickets, but please be sure to give us information about the exact version of eXe and the operating system you are using along with any steps (or sample files) necessary to duplicate the problem.

We are also trying to make the project more accessible to developers. We've improved the instructions for tracking down the prerequisites and building from source, and we've also added some scripts that automate the build process. This will be an ongoing effort as we make eXe more customizable and the project more sustainable.


Günter Wageneder said...

Were have all the links gone?

Dear eXe-Team! Since a few days all the dowload links on are missing; also can't find anything on eduforge, the page doesn't work anymore. What happend? Is this temporarely or will this be permanently?

BTW: Many thanks for all your work. Really love eXe (even if it is buggy sometimes ;-) ). See some of our realised projects here: and here (Some of them even in English).

Looking forward to the next versions!

Günter from Salzburg, Austria, Europe

brent said...

It looks like Eduforge is having some problems at the moment. We have contacted the people who run it and hopefully it will be back up soon.