Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hitting the ground running

It's amazing what you achieve with a fresh set of eyes and some different perspectives. Jim and Remo's induction to the project was to be whisked off to Waiheke and shut in a room with the rest of the eXe team to first nut out how critical (or not) a change in architecture might be and then to get their hands really dirty by sifting through the Trac to get a feel for the extent of the work that has to be done and the tasks that will get 1.0 . (I wondered if at this stage they may have been wondering what they'd let themselves in for.) It was hard work (brains left on the floor at the end of the 2 day stint) but I think we achieved a lot and got a feel for the strengths and abilities we have within the team, something that might have taken a little longer to get to grips with if we had not done this exercise. More team bonding was done over fantastic pizza at Cafe de Stefano's on Thursday night and again at a BBQ dinner at Brent and Michelle's on Friday. Hey thanks Michelle!

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